Gas mixing nozzle for flux-oxygen cuttingИнжекторный трехтрубный резак «ДОНМЕТ» 360

Cutting torch RM3 "Donmet" 357
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Cutting torch RM3 "Donmet" 357

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Cutting torch RM3 "DONMET" 357 for cutting machines type "Raduga", "Orbita", "Mikron", "ASH". Designed for machine cutting by using nozzles with internozzle gas mixing. Cutting thickness: 3-300mm. Number ov valves: 3
Used gas fuel: natural gas(methane), propane
Number of valves - 3 (cutting oxygen, heating oxygen, gas fuel)
Reel m = 1, z = 36

Thread diameter:

_                                           9/9/9                  6/6/6

- cutting oxygen               3/8"                M14x1,5

- heating oxygen              1/4"                M14x1,5

- Gas fuel                        3/8"LH            M14x1.5LH


Torch head carving: M22x1,5
nozzle socket: cone angle 30°
Inlet connection: 9/9/9 or 6/6/6
Recommennded additional kitting:
Gas mixing nozzles
Flashback arresters